Money Talks Courses

As a new and emerging business owner you will have tons of questions related to your business finances. Each month inside of 12-month “Money Talks Course” we will cover a new topic that will provide you with the basic fundamentals needed to build a financially sound business. The Money Talks Course is an interactive Virtual Experience hosted via Zoom Conferencing.

  • How to Cultivate An Abundance Mindset as an Entrepreneur

  • How to Budget Like a Boss & Not Kill Your Business Being Frugal

  • Personal Finance Hacks to Help You Launch & Grow Your Business

  • Success Hacks to Manage Your Business Finances

  • How to Pay Yourself, Raise Your Prices, and Hire Your First Team Member

  • Personal Finance Apps You Need to Stay on Top Of Your Money

  • How to Prevent a Huge Tax Bill When you are an Entrepreneur

  • Top Tax Deductions Every Entrepreneur Must Know About

  • Basic Bookkeeping Functions that Every Entrepreneur Must Know

  • Top Accounting Software & Must Know Hacks to Make it Work for Your Business

  • Bookkeeping Pitfalls to Avoid to Ensure You Stay in Business


Quickbooks Online Training

Does the idea of learning QuickBooks feel overwhelming to you? Have you tried learning QuickBooks by taking a course, only to find that those large, impersonal classes were boring, taught you very little and wasted your precious time. I’ve developed an effective method to teach you the software and get you operational quickly. So that you can track expenses, send invoices and more! This virtual training will provide you with skills and knowledge needed to manage your business finances using QuickBooks Online.

You need this training IF:

  • You need an accounting program for your business

  • You are stuck attempting to use QuickBooks Online to manage your business finances

  • You desire to have complete control over the accounting of your business

  • You desire to effortlessly keep track of incoming and outgoing payments

  • You desire to leverage the tools needed to run a stable operation

  • You desire to feel confident in knowing that your business is in order

  • You need to invoice customers

  • You desire to properly track your business expenses

  • You desire mobile access to your business finances

  • Manage the cash flow of your business



What would it mean to you to participate in a LIVE workshop with a trained accountant and other business professionals where you can learn business, bookkeeping and accounting essentials that will reduce your company’s risk of financial errors and poor decision making. The Money Architect, Vanessa Gant along with her team of qualified business professionals hosts regular “Let’s Talk Business Workshops” to train new and emerging entrepreneurs on the exact steps needed to establish solid profitable businesses. After each session, you will leave equipped with the information needed to create a solid foundation for your business.


  • Business Structure Discovery

  • Accounting Systems

  • Tax Obligations

  • Business Banking

  • Business Expenses & Eligible Tax Deductions

  • Personal Finances vs Business Finances

  • Business Start Up Cost

  • Business Budgets

  • and MORE!